Youappi @ MWC 2017

Client: YouAppi

Industry / Sector: IT / Anti Fraud Software

Project in Spain, 2017

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Fair city and year: MWC, Barcelona, 2017
Stand size: 40,5 sqm
Zoning / Distribution: The space is embraced with curved walls, up to 6m high, dressed in high quality black laminate and graphic prints. The walls are vertically parted in two segments with black & white interplay accentuating partition. The ground floor is divided in three areas: welcome, entertainment and lounge. The space is fluent as it drifts from high spotted welcome to a slightly played-down lounge. The focal features of the welcome zone are a high visible retro-illuminated, custom designed reception and a branded lamp, while the lounge portrays coziness, achieved with arrangement of designed sofa, puff and coffee car. The upper floor houses a VIP meeting room: modern space whose main feature is a hidden bar, a point of extravagance in the design.
Stand features and services:
  • Curved design and fluent space
  • Urban, modern and stylish look
  • Black and white contrast of the graphic wall and the upper deck wall in high quality laminate
  • Retro-illuminated reception with specially designed retro-illuminated lamp
  • Modern lounge furniture: spacious, comfortable, custom-designed black & white sofa with capacity for 10 pax, small coffee table, big puff and specific lamp 
  • Photobooth and coffee car as particular point breaks
  • Exclusive meeting room for 6 pax with a huge window looking at lounge, custom-built glass table and an elegant secret bar
  • High visibility and close-up sensations

Client testimonial

Jennifer Shambroom, Chief Marketing Officer @YouAppi
"CM Creative's design builds a cohesive package to represent our brand."

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