Creative Video-Story-Telling helped to win big-size project worth millions

Viena, 23.05.2014

In 2013 the CEE headquarter of Atos in Vienna decided to adopt new B2B-marketing measures for a specific project. CM Creative was commissioned as the lead agency to develop an innovative bid-support campaign.

In our Creative Lab we conceived an emotional Video-Story with 3D-Animation which was the core element of the initiative. The short film addressed the key concerns of the top management and involved stakeholders in a completely new way, integrating also statements of the team that was actually handling the project inside Atos. The initiative had a significant impact on the final decision of the customer, creating the necessary confidence to finally also conclude the contract with Atos.

"The video was an outstanding success- most customers were moved to tears", adds Atos-Marketing Manager, Cornerlia Grüner.

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